Teaching and education activities

Leadership and activities in software engineering education:

I have been teaching as an academic since 2006. My international teaching experience spans over several countries:

I have taught various software engineering courses (e.g., software testing, introduction to software engineering, software project management), and programming courses since 2006. The list can be found below.

Furthemore, I have been involved in various leadership activities in SE education since 2006. Some highlights are provided in the rest of this page:

  • Leadership in curriculum design

  • Leadership of degree (program) accreditation committees

  • Offering open repository of modern Software Testing courseware

  • Conducting software-engineering "education research"

  • Certificates in univeristy teaching

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Courses that I teach/have taught:

  • Links to the home-pages or the outline documents of some courses have been provided below. The course home-pages contain the slides and other teaching materials.

Teaching in Queen’s University Belfast, UK:

  • Software Testing (CSC 3056): Spring 2021

Teaching in Wageningen University, Netherlands:

  • Programming in Python (INF 22306): Spring 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017

  • Software Engineering (INF 32306): Spring 2018

Teaching in Hacettepe University, Turkey:

(Note: Both the lecture videos on the side are in Turkish language).

Teaching in Atilim University, Turkey:

  • Undergraduate Level

      • Senior Project (SE / COMPE / ISE 494): Fall 2014

      • Software Project Management (SE 320): Spring 2014

  • Graduate Level

      • Software Engineering (SE 550): Fall 2014, Spring 2014

      • Research Methods in Software Engineering (SE 600): Fall 2014

      • Mobile Software Engineering (SE 570): Spring 2014

      • Advanced Software Project Management (SE 552): Fall 2013

      • Software Quality Management (SE 554): Fall 2013

Teaching in the Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey:

  • Graduate Level

      • Design Patterns (IS 524): Spring 2013

      • Graduate Seminar (IS 590): Spring 2013

      • Introduction to Software Testing (IS 724): Spring 2013

      • Mobile Software Engineering: Fall 2013

Teaching in the University of Calgary, Canada:

Offering open repository of modern Software Testing courseware:

When I started teaching software testing in 2007, there were not many publicly-available testing courseware for software testing educators to adapt and customize. Even for the existing testing lab exercises developed and/or used by the educators, we observed that there are various drawbacks, e.g.:

  • They are not usually kept up-to-date with the most recent testing tools and technologies, e.g., JUnit

  • They are not built based on realistic/real-world Systems Under Test (SUTs), but rather use small SUTs

A brief survey on this topic has been reported as an experience paper.

The above needs motived myself and my collaborators to develop a large-scale open repository of software testing laboratory courseware since 2008.

The courseware has been used by over 50 instructors in their software-testing courses in more than 15 countries worldwide so far. According to many feedbacks that we have received from software-testing educators and students, they find these labs useful and effective for learning.

There is a separate website for that open course-ware.

Contributions to software-engineering education efforts elsewhere

I get invited to contribute to education efforts in other universities. For example, I was invited in August 2018 to share my opinions about latest trends in software testing education in an interview for the new automated software testing "Massive Open Online Course" (MOOC) of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. The interview can be seen in the side video.

Certificates in Univeristy Teaching

I have earned several certificates in univeristy teaching since 2006. For example:

  • Faculty Teaching Certificate (FTC), Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Calgary, Canada, Nov. 2008

    • A 4-month long intensive certificate program, which included 6-full-day theory classes, plus video recording of several classes and follow-up feedback and improvements based on them.

  • Instructional skills workshop (ISW), Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Calgary, Canada, Sept. 2007